Merry Christmas - IDAERO



Inside Yamaha´s Yard Built project, Bottpower has developed the Yamaha XR9 Carbona.
The XR9 Carbona is a lightweight, aggressive motorbike that offers high performance on difficult roads and on track.

It is being conceived based on the Bottpower experience at the iconic Pikes Peak race in 2017, when Bottpower won in two categories and finished fourth overall.

Bottpower is an awarded Spanish Bike custom made manufacturer, well known by experts for disruptive designs and extreme performance.

At Idaero we have huge experience in the whole design process of composite parts, from design and structural simulation to manufacturing support.
We are proud to participate performing the structural analysis simulation of the Handle bar, with Altair OptiStruct and Idaero nax2cell to validate the use of this part of the bike on normal and extreme situations, like high speed impacts, and strong emergency brake situations.

We are very grateful to Bottpower Team and specially to David for allowing us be part of Yamaha XR9 Carbona project, Keep up the excellent work, gentlemen, and we hope to continue having fun in projects together!