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The D328eco™ Aircraft: Innovation and Sustainability in Regional and Multi-Role Operations


At IDAERO, we are proud to announce our ongoing collaboration with Deutsche Aircraft in developing the D328eco aircraft, an enhanced model representing a significant advancement in aviation. This innovative model stands out for its commitment to sustainability and efficiency, setting a new standard in the aerospace industry.

The D328eco incorporates the latest technological and material advancements to offer a more sustainable and efficient solution. Among its most notable features are its new engines, which are designed to use Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF), significantly reducing carbon emissions and contributing to greener aviation. These engines not only improve fuel efficiency but also enable quieter operations.

Moreover, the D328eco uses more sustainable and eco-friendly materials in its construction. Utilizing these new materials reduces the environmental impact during manufacturing and enhances aerodynamic efficiency while reducing the aircraft's weight, leading to lower fuel consumption.

The design of the D328eco also includes the implementation of advanced systems that enhance safety, efficiency, and the overall flight experience. These new systems allow for greater automation and optimization of operations, ensuring safer and more efficient flights.

The size of the D328eco is ideal for regional flights, offering a perfect option for quickly and sustainably connecting the remote locations. Its design is optimized to provide a perfect balance between capacity and efficiency, meeting the needs of modern air transport.

At IDAERO, we are delighted that Deutsche Aircraft has trusted us for years with the structural engineering development, including both design and structural analysis, of the D328eco. This project represents our commitment to innovation and sustainability in the aerospace industry.

We are proud to work on such innovative and eco-friendly projects as the D328eco and to collaborate with such esteemed clients as Deutsche Aircraft. Our goal is to continue contributing to the advancement of sustainable aviation and to consistently offer high-quality engineering solutions.