Merry Christmas - IDAERO


Idaero happily received the certificate of graduated company from ESA BIC Madrid region!

We got graduated during the COVID, so very glad to meet again the ESA BIC members, representatives and colleagues from other incubated and graduated startups.

Our projects in ESA BIC are next level engineering productivity applications, like structural analysis solutions to aerospace and other industries.

A very good example is NaxTo the smartest CAE FEA Post-Processing suite,  for improving working processes in and reducing time to market of new developments.

The ESA BIC program was a great boost for our developments. 

We want to thank for all the excellent and warm support we have received over the years to:


ESA BIC Madrid



Fundación Madrid+d


Carlos Romero

Niels Eldering

Eduardo Díaz

Ana Cremades

Federico Morán

Alfonso Basco


Thank you very much and keep up the excellent work!